SmartMove gives you:

Quick access

NO waiting for approval
NO additional documentation

Comprehensive data

Full access to credit and criminal reports

Flexible terms

Pay-per-use, no set-up fees, no minimums

Prompt results

Custom report and leasing recommendation in minutes

Choice of who pays

You or the renter can pay the fee.

Joint-tenant recommendations

Single recommendation for joint renters and co-signers

See how independent landlords like you are getting the whole story on their applicants - and making smarter leasing decisions.

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Now you can get the whole story on your potential renters.

If you’re an independent landlord, you probably have access to a credit score or maybe a generic recommendation for tenant screening. But these limited tools often leave out critical information that can affect your leasing decisions.

Sarma is proud to partner with TransUnion to bring you SmartMove - a new web-based screening solution that provides independent landlords with access to the same screening tools used by the largest property management companies.

Simple and transparent

There are no monthly service charges, set-up fees or other hidden costs with SmartMove. Landlords simply choose whether to pay for the screening themselves or enable the applicant to pay directly.

For the standard price of $25 the landlord receives:

For an additional $5, the landlord may also receive:

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Facts for the renter

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